8 Healthiest Human Food Dogs Can Eat

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8 Healthiest Human Food Dogs Can Eat

We all love our dogs more than anyone as we have built an emotional bond with them. No one will ever want to see their dog hungry or eating the same dishes daily.

Even your dog wants variety in foods and flavors. Just imagine someone is giving you the same food daily. You will surely lose interest after some time.

There are some foods which are not so healthy for your dog, don’t worry we will tell you the list of the healthiest human food for your dogs.

You can make your dog happy by giving it homemade dog food. By going through this blog you will be sure that your dogs will enjoy each and every meal you serve.

Some Delicious Human Food Your Dog Will Love :-

1- Chicken

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Chicken is something everyone is crazy about and even your dog loves it. You can serve chicken in various ways like boiled chicken, roasted chicken or perfectly cooked chicken meat.

Cooked chicken meal is perfect for dogs but cooked bones are not preferred to them. On the other hand, both raw chicken or raw bones are healthy for dogs.

Chicken is considered a healthy food for dogs which provides the proper nutrients and energy to them.

2- Carrots

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Carrots being low in calories and a high source of vitamin A and fiber, proves to be a great snack for your dog.

Due to its loIf, your dog is overweighted then a carrot can be a great option due to its low calories content.

It is said that chewing raw carrots is very healthy for dogs as it is very beneficial for their teeth.

3- Cheese

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Some dogs are lactose intolerant, so any dairy product should be given to them in a small amount.

If your dog is not lactose intolerant, then cheese is very healthy food for dogs. Many dog owners give cottage cheese to their dogs as it’s high in protein.

It is also high in calcium and easy to digest and of course, it is loved by the dogs.

4- Eggs

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Eggs are amongst the healthiest food for dogs and can be fed raw or cooked. Raw eggs should be fed with the shell so that your dogs get an adequate amount of protein, biotic and selenium.

On the other hand, cooked should be fed plain without salt, pepper or any seasoning. Eggs will provide tremendous energy to your dog and will also protect them by falling sick.

5- Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are similar to pumpkins as both of them are high in vitamin A, fiber and other nutrients.  

They are highly digestible when steamed or baked and is very healthy food for dogs. It should be fed unseasoned to your dogs i.e without adding any seasoning.

6- Apples

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Slices of apple are healthy food for dogs and a tasty one too. Apples are full of vitamin C, phytonutrients and vitamin A.

They can be given with the skin on but you should avoid giving it with seeds as it contains cyanide.

7- Yogurt

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Yogurt is full of protein, calcium and an excellent way to improve your dog’s digestive system. In simple words, it is a very healthy food for dogs with lots of benefits.

You just have to remember one thing that the yogurt you choose should not contain any sweeter or flavor. It may cause a bad effect on your dog’s health.

8- Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is also found as a healthy food for dogs as it contains a lot of nutrients. Dogs who are not sensitive to grains, it can be a healthy addiction for your dog.

Oats are packed with vitamins and minerals and is an excellent source of dietary fiber. This is one of the most common human food which is fed to the dogs.

You can also make some homemade cookies for your dogs as they love cookies. It acts like a healthy evening snack or late night munchies for your dog.

There are some recipes for making cookies on the internet but it’s very difficult or lengthy. Tail Twister offer you the best cookies for dog and it is the easiest thing to make.

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You just have to add some water and bake, it is that easy. And your dog will fall in love with our cookies. We have it in different flavors like berry blast, red velvet and some more.

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