Anyone Can Make Homemade Dog Treats & Birthday cakes for Dogs

Even if you’ve never baked a thing in your life you can make these simple dog treat using our premixes. It’s hard to go wrong with these human grade ingredients PRE MIXED in propotion.


The Benefits of Making Tail TwistersHomemade Dog Treats/ Birthday cakes for dogs

When it comes to dog treats we prefer making our  own rather than buying them. It’s nice knowing exactly what’s going into your dog’s snacks, and we love being able to control the portion size.

Benefits of Making Tail TwistersHomemade Dog Treats/ Birthday cakes for dogs include:

  • You know all the ingredients included in your dog’s treats
  • You can easily adjust the portion size
  • They’ll make your kitchen smell awesome
  • They’re a great way to practice your baking skills
  • Your puppy will get an extra special treat made by you
  • Making your own homemade dog treats can be a fun reward for you dog
  • Many brands of commercial dog treats are filled with preservatives, which help to extend their shelf life. In addition, store bought treats are often made from fillers and byproducts as opposed to natural and high quality ingredients. By creating your own treats at home, you will be able to provide your dog with a healthy snack that is not only nutritious but is also free of unhealthy additives.
  • You’ll have a nice supply of training treats on hand
  • These treats are very Cost effective also.

If you’ve never bakes a thing in your life before we suggest starting with one of Tail Twisters Mixes.We can ensure that your pet is getting a nutritious and wholesome snack. You can also tailor your dog treat recipes to your dog’s taste preferences as well as cater to any dietary restrictions.