How To Make Delicious Cookies For Your Dog?


How To Make Delicious Cookies For Your Dog?

Some of us hate cooking as we are very lazy to cook but when it comes to making food for our dogs we are ready to do it. We all love our dogs and want them to love us back.

How can we make our dogs fall in love with us? Dogs love when someone cares for them and yes, obviously they love eating.

So the one who cares for them and give them a lot of delicious things to eat, they will love them. Give your dog the best cookies and make them happy.

Let’s discuss some of the common questions we all have when it comes to cookies.

Why Do Dogs Love Cookies?

The easiest and most precise answer is because they like eating. Dogs are crazy for cookies as we all have fixed the meals for our dogs.

Cookies prove to be an additional food just like an evening snack or night munchies. Whether it’s a dog or a human, everyone loves extra food.

There are many recipes of cookies on the internet but it’s very difficult or lengthy. We offer you the best cookies for dog and it is the easiest thing to make. You just have to add some water and bake. Yes, it is that simple and tasty.

Why Homemade Cookies For Your Dog?

When it comes to dog treats, you should prefer making it on your own. As to prepare the best cookies for your dogs, you have to invest some time in the kitchen. You are able to control many aspects of your dog’s food.

Some Benefits Of Homemade Cookies Are:

    • Well versed with all the ingredients included in your dog’s treats.
    • Have full control over the portion size.
    • Will make your dog fall in love with the aroma.
    • You can enhance your baking skills in the kitchen.
  • Your dog will be getting an extra special treat especially made by you.

If you want your dog to have the best cookies then visit our website and find a lot of options, and guess what? These cookie baking mixes are very easy to make.

About Tail Twister’s Cookie Baking Mix:

Healthy ingredients like flour, coconut milk powder and buckwheat, the Cookie Baking Mix gets its inspiration from the vegan kitchen. It seems a little strange to give your dog a meatless or even vegan snack, but it’s delicious and healthy. Your dog will just love these delicious cookies and will ask for more.  

Dogs are an adapted carnivore, which means that in addition to meat, he will also enjoy fruits and vegetables. Moreover, dogs will get more than enough protein through balanced nutrition and a healthy snack, such as this homemade cookie.

The Cookie Baking Mix also contains tasty forest fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. So it will also provide antioxidants and vitamins that are good for your dog.

How To Make Delicious Cookies?


It is very easy as you just have to make some Tail Twister’s cookie baking mix and add some water in it. After adding just the right amount of water, bake it to perfection. And, the delicious cookies for your dog are ready.

Cookie baking mix comes in many flavors like Berry Blast, Carob & Cheese and some more.

Tail Twister also offers some other products like Cake Baking mix which also comes in many flavors. Some of the flavors of cake baking mix are red velvet, blueberry, carob and few more.

If you love your dog then show them by giving them the best cookies. Tail Twister’s cookie baking mix is the best you can give to your dog. Do comment about your experience with our product and your dog’s favorite flavor.

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