How To Spend Your Sunday With Your Tail-wagger

how to spend your Sunday with your tail-wagger

How To Spend Your Sunday With Your Tail-wagger

After a long tiring and exhausting weekend, it seems like we have less time for important things, like spending quality time with our darling dog.
Every time we get back home our tail-wagger waits for us to play with them and give lots of hugs but, in this long tiring day, we can’t.
And guess what? It’s statistically true.
But, we still got a Sunday to spend time with our tail- wagger and have lots of fun and make them realize how special they are for us.

Let’s see how we can spend some quality time with our furry friend:-

1- Morning Walk

To start a healthy morning we first head to the gym but this time put your sports shoes on and go for the morning walk your dog.
Go with your Furry baby to a beach or park or any place, where you both can enjoy.

2- Meeting Friends

Staying social is an important thing for your dog.
You don’t want to skip seeing friends and family while staying back at home with your dog and this may lead to a negative impact on your furry baby.
If your dog is not social, he/she can attack anyone randomly or misjudge anyone and that’s just not healthy. Do activities where you can bring your dog along and he/she can meet other dogs and play with them.

3- Talk to your Tail- Wanger

We all know our tail- waggers love to sit in our lap and spend time talking to us while we rub there to head off.
Our pets just love this a lot. This helps us to build an emotional bonding and even we don’t need words to connect with them.
Just a little time and love are enough for them. This is what we call true bonding.

4- Go to Pet-Friendly Stores Together

Got to run duties? Go to pet-friendly places and bring your dog along give him a chance to be happy.
Almost all pet stores let you bring your pup so take them to pup-store.
There are a bunch of other stores that allow furbabies as well where they can help your dog to have fun.

5- Netflix and Small Nap

Take a small afternoon nap with your furry friend and give warm lovely hugs.
Watching some of your best Netflix movies, Tv series like “101 Dalmatians,” or “Strange Things” even your dog will enjoy that for you.
The best thing you can do for your tail-wagger.

6- Take a Break from the Interwebs

We waste a ton of time online. Surfing Facebook. Pinning recipes I’ll never make. Reading the modern update from CNN. and TMZ.
That time could be given to your dog. Do you feel bad about this? I’d bet almost everyone is. Why don’t we try this together: Let’s cut out just 15 minutes of web time a day and focus intently on our dogs and make them happy. Try it out and see how it feels and your furry friend feels. I bet it’s far more rewarding than knowing the latest celebrity gossip.

7- Organize a small dog party

Organize a small dog party for your dog and ask your friends to get along their beloved furry friends to join.
The best thing is when you’re tail-wagger get his friends to get along and play.
Gift your furry friend a beautiful gift, a tasty cake to make the day more amazing, special and satisfying.
As the dogs love to eat cake and when things are special for him/her that makes the day special for them.

8- Go on a Pet-Friendly Vacation

And finally, if you’re in some serious need of bonding time with your tail-wagger, plan a pet-friendly vacation.
It could be a simple road trip to someplace where you both love to visit like the beach, road trips only a few hours away.
So, these are some of the things you can plan with lovely furry tail-wagger and have fun.
Make a special day for them which will establish a healthy relationship with your most faithful friend.

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