Summer Care for Dogs

summer care for dogs

Summer Care for Dogs

A dog becomes a family member to us. We love our pet and always try to take care of him. Now it’s summertime and our dog needs more attention and care.

We know that facing summer is not so easy for dogs. So we are going to discuss some of those major problems that a pet might have to face in summers. We will also describe some easy solutions for your loving friend that will make your pet’s life easy in these months.

Here are some summer care tips for your dog:

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is the biggest problem your dog might face in summers. It happens when your dog’s body temperature rises extremely high. It mostly occurs when you leave your pet in the car for too long or in a closed room without proper ventilation.

If you want to prevent your dog from heat stroke you need to take care of some small things such as:

  • You should keep your dog hydrated.
  • Take out your furry friend for water sports like swimming.  
  • Your dog facing heat stroke then hold ice packs to dogs neck, head, chest.
  • To reduce the body temperature give a cool bath and try to keep your dog in properly ventilated areas.

Sunburn – Burned foot pads

Your pet faces sunburn just like humans do. Skinny dog breeds and puppies are most like to be affected by sunburn.   

You can use waterproof sunscreens for your dog and never forget to cover their nose and ear tip.

When dogs are walking through the streets or sand, their soft paws can get burnt. Always try that you take them out for a walk in the morning or late evening times when land is cooler. Touch the surface and hold for a while to check whether your dog can walk or not.


It is a common problem in summers for dogs and humans. Best way to prevent your pet from dehydration is to give them full time for water sports. Let your dog play with cool water both inside and outside.

You can add Ice cubes in water that will help them to get more fluid. You can avoid their exercising regime in extremely hot weather.


You would definitely want to keep your pooch away from external parasites. Ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, flies and many other insects are at their peak at this time.

You need to be careful about the products you use for protection. Get in touch with your veterinarian and choose wisely the sprays, collars, shampoos and other products.

Make sure the playing zone of your pet is always kept clean.

Summer Allergies

Seasonal allergies are common to dogs. Red and watery eyes, itchy eyes, irritated and itchy skin, coughing, nasal discharge are some of the common allergies of these months. Here are some tips to prevent your pet from these allergies:

  • Give a bath to your pet more often with the advice of a veterinarian.
  • After an outdoor walk, clean your pet’s body and paws with hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, grooming wipes.
  • Make sure the sleeping area is clean and their towels and blankets are kept clean by washing them in hot water.


Food plays a big role to keep your pooch healthy and active. In these months, dogs need light food with required nutrients. It must be so delicious that your pet cannot refuse to eat.

  • Add protein to your dog’s diet. best options are eggs, chicken, some dairy products.
  • Giving rice, oats and sweet potatoes can fulfill the carbohydrates need.
  • You can also add fruits and vegetables to your pet’s diet such as apple, banana, carrots, etc. these can be changed as per your dog’s taste.
  • You can give frozen chicken, frozen vegetable mixtures in your dog’s diet.

Now as we talked a lot about some ways to taking care of our loving pet, we should think about the fun time also. Summer is just another weather and it will come every year so don’t let them feel restricted through these months.

There should always be a party time for your furry friend . Give some homemade dog food like cookies for dogs, cake for dogs etc.

Instant cake and cookie mix for dogs prove to be a boon, especially when you want to treat them.  

So take care of your furry friend and enjoy summers!

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